, 10 Truths About Wedding Photography

10 Truths About Wedding Photography

November 18, 2019

You Should Love Weddings

Each time I am asked if a person should go into wedding photography, my first response would be, “Do you love weddings?” There are many genres of weddings and photography is a monster of the own, therefore my advice is that in the event you don’t love weddings, you will most likely burn out fast. Why? Keep reading.

The Easiest Part of the Process Is Shooting the Wedding

Before I started shooting weddings, I had no idea the hours I would spend after the wedding culling through numerous editing and photos. A good deal of instances, the wedding was the very social portion of my job. The remainder of the time I was sitting before a computer editing for days ahead.

It’s Exhausting

Shooting weddings are tough on the body. You are typically running around for eight hours, carrying a bag filled with heavy equipment with very little time to prevent. You may readily opt for hours with no water and food before thinking about it. There is something in the industry named post-wedding hangover. It is true. My body is so worn out the next day which I typically don’t do something. Nor do I wish to.

You’ll Be Hungry

Because you are on the go most of the day, there just isn’t really time to eat. Sometimes you don’t even notice it. You can also easily go without water if you aren’t paying attention. This contributes to the exhaustion at the end of the day so I always like to keep a snack on hand in my bag just in case I find a few moments here and there to replenish myself.

Everyone Should Do an Engagement Session

I cannot stress this enough and if you are a photographer and don’t include this in your packages I would highly recommend reconsidering it. There is a night and day difference in my interaction and relationship with my couples when they would have an engagement session versus when they don’t. Ninety percent of the time couples are not comfortable in front of the camera. Having time outside of the wedding day to get to know each other a little bit, practice posing, seeing how the couple interacts, makes such a difference. Plus, it makes photos go faster on the actual wedding day because the couple is already familiar with the process.

A Photo Specific Timeline Goes a Long Way

At the beginning of my marriage, I would only use the organizer’s deadline, however I immediately realized that was not enough. I was constantly running out of time or particular things would not make sense for photos. I found the more particular I was time photos, the longer the couple knows how everything would go and would prepare everybody else.

I learned how long it would take me to take different areas of the afternoon and if it had been at least allotted for on the deadline, I always had time to shoot whether the wedding went awry. My biggest lesson in this was if the couple didn’t do a very first look and the service conducted behind. In regards to family photographs everyone was scattered and it was sort of a tragedy. In a circumstance where I was short on time, I didn’t want it wasted on finding the people needed to photograph. After that, I started naming each and every relative that was to be photographed and named every household picture on the deadline so that everyone knew who had been wanted and when.

Additionally, it made it simpler for the couple since they must spend time considering what family photographs they desired prior to the wedding so on the afternoon of there were far less put in on photographs and family members couldn’t take over this part incorporating a million photos in.

Very Rarely Does the Wedding Day Go According to Plan

You can have all the timeline planning on earth but I can assure you it will not move perfectly. Things will operate, people will panic, you will need to shoot quickly and probably not where you planned to. As wedding photography, things could change rapidly, but the secret is having the ability to think fast and adapt smoothly.

You Need to Know How to Use Lighting

Just saying you’re a pure light photographer isn’t enough. Wedding photographers have to be incredibly versatile, knowing how to shoot candids, portraits, details, and activity whilst also dealing with constantly shifting lighting circumstances. After the sun goes down and the reception gets going you need to have the ability to utilize lighting to produce the photo look great. Do not just convert it to black and white because your skin tones are away as you did not use flash. If you are not comfortable with flash, then test it, check it out, and then make yourself practice with it. Ask someone who does it the way you like for some advice. If you totally are not familiar with flash, then consider utilizing LED lights.

This can be a good deal simpler. The issue is that they aren’t as strong and also battery life. True story. The first wedding photography I shot all I understood about flash was to bounce it. I showed up about the wedding and it was entirely inside a dark resort and shooting outdoors was not an option (looks impossible and it’s the only time that has ever happened in my wedding livelihood, but it wasn’t).

I had to utilize flash and actually, I did not understand what I was doing. The clients knew they were my first wedding photography and also the dangers that came with that. I left it to work and that I snapped flash all around the place. I apologize in the photographs today, but I heard a lot that day and following that has been decided to make myself master and learn light in any situation.

In Addition to a Second Shooter, Hire an Assistant

It took me about eight years of shooting until I finally started doing this and man it makes a world of difference. Having someone there simply to help you when you require it’s amazing. I’d have them support carry my equipment, maintain a mild, or perhaps just make sure I’ve watered. It does not seem as much, but after the first time, I did it I was not anywhere near as tired at the end of the day.

This is not an expert position, they do not even need to be a photographer. Therefore it doesn’t have to get paid like another shooter, but it’s well worth the cost.

It’s Incredibly Rewarding

That is what kept me photographing weddings for such a long time. I got to work with some wonderful couples. Being able to offer them photographs from the main day of their lives up until that point, they can cherish forever makes it worth it. Seeing them use the graphics in publications, their houses, and on cards and the pleasure it brought them so unbelievably happy I must be a small part in this substantial moment.

, 10 Truths About Wedding Photography
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